Tap & Shower Cleaner (250 ML)

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When you're looking to give a new look to your bathroom, there's nothing better than Santic's Tap & Shower to help you out. Removing limescale, soap scum and hard water stains are a breeze when you've got this effective helper by your side.

Celebrate your sparkling bathroom today when you've got this unique formulation to
effectively restore the lost shine on all your bathroom accessories!

The Santic Tap & Shower works by dissolving limescale, soap scum and more from your bathroom accessories and more within two minutes. It is also helpful in removing oxidation and minor scratches on these accessories. It's best for wash basins, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, shower partitions and similar accessories.

It is applicable on metal, glass and plastic surfaces to give you the best clean possible every time! Make your bathroom cleaner, brighter, and shinier with the help of our powerful Tap & Shower.


  • Removes variety of stains, dirt, and more from bathroom accessories
  • Not suitable for marble, enamel showers, aluminum, natural stones, or zinc-plated metals, textiles and carpets
  • Effective formulation ensures mirror-like finish
  • Easy to use and works within minutes
  • Ideal for regular use
  • Only mild scrubbing is required


STEP 1:  Test the surface by applying the Cleaner in a corner before using it and observe for 24 hours for any changes.
STEP 2: Wear gloves & dampen a clean cloth in it. Then using a ratio of 1:1 product and water, apply on the surface.
STEP 3: Leave for 10-15 seconds. 
STEP 4:  Rinse with water for a clean & Shiny surface.
STEP 5: After 5 Minutes brush it properly.
NOTE : Always add Tap Cleaner to water while diluting, vice versa is not recommended.
              (Pour in a utensil & dilute it water if required )

CAUTION: Not to be used on Granite, Tile, and Marble.

1 Bottle of Tap & Shower Cleaner (250ML) , 1 Hand Glove and lots of love from Santic!




Ask a Question
  • I have a black plastic cover on my toilet seat so the water marks show up more on black and arent going anyway. If this product can help me only then i will buy. Tell me if works only then i will buy it if it works on plastic. I dont want to be fooled and waste my money so guide me


    It can work on normal water stains and works great on fiberglass and plastic
    Please do not use on granite, tile & marble.

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