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2-In-1 Car Cleaner & Air Freshener (Lemon-Pack Of 2)

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Santic believes in building a cleaner, healthier, and hygienic community driven by healthy habits.

 Almost every single day, we travel through pollution, dust, and heavy traffic, which makes our car is dull, unclean, or messy. 

Santic 2-In-1 Car Cleaner & Air Freshener not only makes your car’s interiors spotlessly clean but gives you a feel-good fragrance all time! 



  • Effectively removes stains and dirt from the car’s interior surface.

  • Our 2-In-1 Car Cleaner & Air Freshener leaves a mesmerizing fragrance (Available in lavishing lavender and citrusy lemon flavor). 
  • Enhances the look, shine & durability of vehicle plastics and leather upholstery.

  • Removes mud and dirt and it takes care of mess made by kids and pets; food and drink spill and much more from the car.


  • Air Freshener:  Available in two fragrances of lemon & lavender. It makes your car smell Oh! So refreshing!

  • Car Cleaner: Specifically formulated for heavily soiled fabrics and designed to remove tough stains. Advantage industrial upholstery cleaner can be used on natural and synthetic surfaces. Can also be used on Carpets.

  • Deep Cleans: Deep cleans & removes stains from car cloth, seat or carpet, remove odors from the fabric leaving clean, fresh scent and is safe to use on Vinyl, Leather and Synthetic material

  • Easy Application: One easy wipe-on spray coat this foam-based formula dissolves soil and grease including organic and biological material.


STEP 1 : Shake can well. Invert and spray area to be treated from about 24 inches. 

STEP 2 : Then pass a soft cloth distributing the product evenly. For best results, dampen the stained area with a wet sponge or cloth. Spray foam over the entire spot. 

STEP 3 : Allow foam to be absorbed into carpet fibers. Rub spot with damp sponge or cloth. For stubborn stains, repeat the process.


  • Deliberate misuse by concentrating and inhaling this product may be harmful.
  • Do not expose to or store at temperatures greater than 490C/1200F.
  • FIRST AID: IF ON SKIN: Wash hands after handling.
  • IF IN EYES: Rinse with water.
  • Get medical attention if irritation develops and persists.
  • IF INHALED: If symptoms develop move victim to fresh air. Get medical attention if symptoms persist.
  • IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Get medical attention if symptoms occur.


 The package consists of 2-In-1 Car Cleaner & Air Freshener
(Pack Of 2- 300ML Each ) 
and lots of love from Santic.



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