Car Headlight Polish 250 Grams

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Tired of dull headlights that don’t shine no matter how much you clean them?
The Santic Car Headlight Polish is a simple and efficient product to make your headlights shine as if they were brand new. Our product will give your headlights the same shine as they had when you bought them.


The Santic Headlight Polish gives your headlights an extra shine boost, and will ensure that your headlights have good light dispersion. The polish also removes mild scratches and forms a protective layer on your headlights. This protective layer prevents regular wear and tear that your headlights may face.
Now make sure your headlights are clean and scratch free with minimum work on your end! The Headlight Polish is easy to use and you only need to apply it once to achieve results. 


  • Headlights on any vehicle such as car, motorcycle, scooter, and so on
  • Polish can be applied to both sides of the headlight.


  • Easy consistency makes it ideal to use
  • Little effort required to get your headlights looking spick and span
  • Will give your headlights a clear shine and gloss
  • Allows for clear light dispersion
  • Protects headlights from mild damage such as scratches


Petroleum Jelly, Calcium Carbonate, Liquid Light Paraffin, Ethanol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Silica, Silicone Oil, and Soda Bicarbonate


Step 1: Shake the Polish well before use and start by wiping the headlight with a dry cloth

Step 2: Spray the detergent solution onto the headlight surface and rub it onto the headlight. Wipe off the detergent.

Step 3: Apply the Headlight Polish onto the headlight surface. Scrub the entire surface up to 5 minutes using a microfiber cloth. 

Step 4: Spray the Detergent solution once again and wipe the surface dry with a cloth


  • Avoid contact with eyes & skin
  • Avoid prolonged inhalation of vapor/mist
  • Wash thoroughly after handling the product
  • Use in well ventilated areas
  • Keep product sealed when not in use
  • Do not ingest
  • For external use only


 The package consists of 1 Car Headlight Polish (250 G) and lots of love from Santic.


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