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Santic Bumper Black

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Plastic bumpers and trim have a tendency to fade from shiny black to dull grey over time — something which can make even the newest cars appear ten years older.

Santic Bumper Black restores your car to a showroom finish. It is a quick and simple way to clean bumper and trims, instantly returning a “new look” finish. It doesn’t just clean – it also restores your car’s trim, step-bumper, door visor, mirrors, wiper & bumper's shine and protects it against wear, producing a beautiful finish to be proud of.


  • BACK TO THE ORIGINAL BLACK COLOR – Restore the dull and faded colour of the car’s trim, step-bumper, door visor, mirrors, wiper & bumper to a new black look.
  • LONGSTANDING RECLAMATION – No need to worry, your happiness won’t be short-lived; bring a long-term restoration solution of the black finish of bumper and trim.
  • AMPLE AMOUNT – It is more than enough for your car; You would be left with plenty of gel to polish. 
  • ECONOMICAL & PAINLESS – No need to waste your hard-earned money on replacing your convertible top when you can get the lush black look economically; The application is simple and effortless with the results which would make your friends and neighbour stopped by.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Buy your old car a gift with complete confidence, click ADD TO CART NOW! 


STEP 1- Cover your hands with gloves

STEP 2- Shake well and apply Bumper Black with a cotton cloth or sponge over the area.

STEP 3- Allow to dry and buff gently for a brilliant shine.




Ask a Question
  • Can it be used for motorcycle and scooter fibre parts

    Greetings from Santic!

    For your query, It shines the vehicle faded plastics and clean bumper and trim, step-bumper, door visor, mirror.


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