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Santic Naturals Beewax Wood Polish

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    Is your wood furniture lacking luster? Bring dull furniture back to life with Beewax Wood Polish

Give your wood furniture a conditioning treatment to revive it with this amazing Beewax Wood Polish! This is an easy-to-apply remedy that will keep your wooden tools in top condition to help them last many years.

  Product Description

  • This Beewax Wood Wood can revive, protect, and preserve the finish of wood surfaces.  Just a small amount goes a long way towards protecting your wood from the harmful effects of moisture and prevents it from drying out. 
  • Beewax has a wide range of applications, which can be used to renovate old wooden crafts, cracked wooden furniture, moldy wooden doors, wooden cabinets, dry cracked wooden floors, wooden walls, and so on.
  • Optimal cleaning and creates a protective layer. Nourishes & restores the wooden properties. Provides shiny finish

  • Quick & easy to use anywhere. Removes Dust, brings shines, and protects wooden surfaces.

  • Removes up to 90% of allergens in dust (from pet dander and dust mite matter). Removes fingerprints and marks. Nourishes & restores the wooden properties. Quick & easy to use anywhere.

Product Features

  • Our beeswax is extracted from pure natural high-quality raw materials, polishes all wood surfaces to a soft luster with a protective coating of natural Beeswax. There are no GMOs, no paraffin, no toxins, and no mystery ingredients. So it has no side effects, does not affect health, and has no odor.
  • Beeswax is natural and shiny. After coating a layer of beeswax on your old wooden furniture, it will create a protective seal to keep out any odor, stain, moisture and anything else that causes damage so your wood stays healthy for longer. It feels like buying new furniture, giving you a new look.
  • Only with a soft cloth, rub a small amount of wax onto the surface in a circular motion and you will be rewarded with the healthy glow of the wood, shining as if from within.

How To Use Beewax Wood Polish?

Using the application sponge, apply wood beeswax polish with ease by spreading evenly on the surface, feeding the dry, scratched wood lavishly and let it sit for a while. Buff with soft hands and then wipe clean with a smooth rag to bring the shine back to the wooden surface.

Product Specification

  • Ingredients: Natural beeswax
  • Weight: 85g

Package Contains

 The package consists of a Wood Seasoning Beeswax and lots of love from Santic.



Ask a Question
  • How is it different from other ways of wood polishing?

    While other kinds of Wood polish contain harmful chemicals like petroleum distillates, which are flammable, dangerous, and may even harm your health, Santic Naturals beeswax is extracted from pure natural high-quality raw materials. So it has no side effects, does not affect health, and has no odor.

  • Where is the product made?

    It is designed, manufactured, and packed in India.

  • Can we use this product on Veneer?

    Yes, Totally! It can be applied to all sorts of wooden surfaces whether it is veneer or sunmica.

  • Is Santic Naturals Beewax Wood Polish safe to use?

    Yes, Santic Naturals Beeswax Wood Polish is totally chemical-free and Non-Toxic.
    It is absolutely safe to use. It is 100% Natural.

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