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Washing Machine Cleaner- Pack Of 2 (150 ML each)

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  • Santic Washing Machine Cleaneretal Cleaner specifically helps remove limescale, hidden dirt and removes 99.9% of bacteria (E. Coli, S. aureus) whilst eliminating bad odours.
  • 5 in 1 power: + Removes of Bacteria* + Prevents Bad Odours + Helps Remove Limescale + Helps Remove Hidden Dirt + Lasting Freshness
  • This leaves a lasting freshness that ensures your washing machine stays clean and can effectively clean your laundry
  • Safe to use with Front Load Washing Machines and Top Load Washing Machines - High Efficiency (HE) and Conventional Washers
  • Clean all Limescale settle at bottom of the washing machine by regular use of hard water or detergent and freshens washer interior & components.
  • Safe for all washer components & safe on septic tanks.



STEP 1: Empty your washer.

STEP 2:  Use Washing Machine Cleaner directly in the washer tub—not in the dispenser.

STEP 3: Run the washer on a clean washer cycle or a normal cycle with a hot water setting.

STEP 4: Simply wipe away any residue left behind after the cycle ends.


 The package consists of 2 Washing Machine Cleaner (150ML Each) and lots of love from Santic.


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