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If you have been putting away all your house cleaning woes by binging on movies and TV series, this can be a good time to resume the housework. Monsoon is already here, so why not take this chance and give your house a sparkling makeover? Having a clean, clutter-free, and well-maintained home keeps your mind at peace, and it also makes you feel more energized and motivated. With the Santic Essentials, your cleaning drive will be much more fun and quick.


Here, we have designed a monsoon cleaning calendar for the Month of August to make your work a little easier. Use this as a guide and schedule your chores accordingly! 

Week 1 

Wooden Wonder 

Start off the first week by cleaning your furniture. Dust accumulation on a regular basis often takes a toll on your wardrobes, sofa sets, tables, and other pieces of furniture. It's important that you clean them every now and then so that they retain their looks for a long time. Now the question is, what is the most effective way to clean up furniture? Well, all you have to do it, do a full-fledged dusting session to remove any dirt from the surface. Use wood polish to make your wooden furniture shine. For your sofa sets and cushions, you can use a vacuum cleaner to make them all neat and clean. 

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Week 2

Spray in Some Freshness

In the second week, it's time to take care of your room. Switch the daily sweeping and mopping chores with a deep cleaning technique. Clean and sanitize each and every corner of your home– your bedroom, study, and living room. You don't have to do everything in one day. Take all the time you need, and divide your work throughout the week as per your convenience. 

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Week 3 

Kitchen Cleanup

Now that we have come to week 3, let's take a look at the kitchen. Your kitchen needs to be the cleanest part of your house. A dirty kitchen can soon become the thriving ground of bacteria, germs, etc., putting your health at risk. Try to clean the area every day after cooking, to make sure there are no insects or flies bugging your kitchen. But if you have been procrastinating a lot on taking care of your kitchen, it's time to get to work. Take a clean cloth and wipe all of your kitchen appliances, to clear off any dirt or dust. Then, sanitize the floors to ensure that they are free from germs. To eliminate any chances of a clogged drain, treat your kitchen sink with a drain cleaner. If you have rust or hard water stains on your kitchen sink, you can make it as good as new with the Santic Tap and Shower Cleaner. 

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Week 4 

Bathroom Chores 

Finally, it's time to clean your bathroom. It seems like a pretty daunting task, but we have a way to make it easier for you. Remove the stubborn hard water stains from your faucets, bathtub, basin and shower using the Santic tap and shower cleaner. It is an easy solution to battle rust and dirt on your bathroom. After application, the soap scum, water stains, etc. will dissolve within the blink of an eye, and you will be left with a clean and sparkling bathroom. If you have blocked drains and pipelines, allow the powerful Santic Drain Cleaner to clean them up in seconds. 

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Bonus Tip

Since you are on a cleaning drive, why not clean your food as well? The fruits and vegetables that you buy from the market, have a good amount of mud, dirt, and bacteria stuck onto them. Rinsing them under tap water may not remove all of those harmful pesticides and other chemicals. If you want to keep your and your family's health in check, we would recommend the Santic Healthie Veggie Wash for you. It's a natural and easy-to-use liquid that will make your raw food clean, fresh, and contamination-free. 

So this Monsoon, pull up your socks and start cleaning away! 

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