Why You Should Maintain Personal Hygiene In 2020 Summer?

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Otherwise an amazing season, summer is better known for its awful heat and exhaustion that comes with it.

And with heat and exhaustion, comes more awful sweat, discomfort to the body, and a handful of infections.

Your body goes through a lot through summers, making it dirty and less active. You should return the favor by taking proper care of it through healthy practices.

The best way to take care of our bodies is by maintaining personal hygiene. By having good personal hygiene during summers, it not only helps to lead a fresh and energetic day, has a healthy life, but also helps one to be more accepted into society.

Now, you may ask a question; is hygiene really a matter of concern?

Keep reading to know!


3 Reasons Why Hygiene Is Important 

  • Keep Diseases At Bay

Without proper person cleanliness, our body can become a breeding ground for diseases. Having good hygiene solves the problem and helps us to lead a disease-free life.


  • Be More Accepted

Nobody enjoys spending an unpleasant time around those with extreme body odours and bad breath to have a conversation.

 Having a clean breath and fresh body makes the conversation more comfortable and a lot more fun for all the parties involved.

  • Boosts Confidence

Being dirty, we have negative thoughts flow through our minds, making us feel horrible and less confident. While being clean and well-groomed makes us feel comfortable and confident, boosting our self-esteem.

Not sure how to remain hygienic and proactive during summers? Read our top 5 tips below!

Our 6 Tips To Remain Hygienic

Although there are many types of personal hygiene tips to follow, these five are the most important ones.

 So, here we go!

  • Shower Like A King!

Our body accumulates a lot of dirt and bacteria on our skins, making it prone to infection. Thus, it is important to wash our skins at regular intervals to make it clean and infection-free. 

Keep yourself cool, fresh, and odorless in summers by showering daily for long hours during summers with shower gel or menthol soap.


  • Keep Bad Breath Away

Brushing daily is essential to get rid of bad breath, but during summers, we have to step up our game.

Try using a mouth fresher before going out to enjoy the freshness and a beautiful conversation with your loved ones.

  • Smelly Feet? Use Shampoo!

 It has to be one of the luckiest one in the world if you don't have smelly feet

The rest of us already knows what it means. Traveling outside, especially during summers, makes our feet a lot of sweaty, causing the awful odor.

To get rid of smelly feet, soak them in shampoo water with a pinch of salt for 20 minutes and bingo! You have the most beautiful feet.



  • Wash Hands Frequently

 With the Coronavirus pandemic on the rise, we advise you to wash hands frequently. Use an alcohol-based home cleaning product like a sanitizing gel to get beautifully sanitized hands.


  • Going Outside? Use Deo And Sunscreen.

Stepping outside during the summers can be tough when the sun is blazing like hell, burning your skin.

To protect your skin from such harmful rays, a sunscreen can be your savior.

But wait. Sunscreen can only save you from rays, not from the heat and sweat. Consider using a menthol deo to make you cool and your body fresh for a long time.

  • Wear Clean Clothes

 Like our body, keeping our clothes clean is equally important.

Always make sure you clean your clothes after every time you wear, or every second time if the first one isn't possible. It helps to avoid body rashes and infection, especially during summers when chances are high.



Personal hygiene has a lot more benefits than we can count.

It makes us a better, calm version of ourselves to present with a cool vibe that makes everyone around us more comfortable and open to speak.


That being said, enjoy the summers, and let your soul fly with freshness!


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