Which Personality Are You? (Based on Your Hygiene Habits)

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Your hygiene habits can speak volumes about your personality. Have you ever given it a thought? Everyone has a hygiene routine for themselves. In some cases they are elaborate, and for some, it may be just a 5-minute ritual. 



Here we have come up with 5 fun personality types that we are sure you can resonate with. So, which one are you? Check out and let us know!  

The Hoarder 

You like to buy all the personal hygiene products you find online or in the local store. Your bags are full of sanitizers, disinfectants, and a whole bunch of such things. You prefer to carry a big bag, because how else will you fit in all of your latest buys? You also love sharing. Whenever in need, you go up to help people with a drop of your sanitizer. And if someone complains about your hoarding habit, you feel like spraying some disinfectant right on their face. But you don't do that in real life, rather you offer them another drop of your sanitizer because you're a nice person. 

The Advisor 

You love to advise people about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Whether they enjoy it or not, is questionable. You talk in terms of data and statistics so that people take you seriously. You still haven't been able to change your brother's habit of bathing once a week, but you are determined to have healthy habits and become successful on your mission. 

The Lazy Lad 

You want to stay all clean and fresh, but you hardly get the time after sleeping till 9 AM. You feel like changing the shirt you have been wearing for three days straight, but walking up to the closet, looking for clothes, and then wearing them is too much work. You wake up, get ready, shower in deodorant and rush to work immediately, promising yourself a bath the next day. But does that day really arrive? It's still a mystery! 

The Super Strict One 

You follow your hygiene routine to the T. You brush twice a day, take regular baths, and maintain the right standards of cleanliness. You might be running late for work, but your routine cannot be curtailed. Your sister laughs at you for spending two hours in the washroom, but you hardly have any respite from your own strict hygiene rules! You follow a hard and fast cleaning regime and order everyone to follow your steps. 

The Perfectionist 

You have learned to achieve harmony between following a hygienic lifestyle and your daily routine. From brushing to bathing to sanitizing, you don't miss out on anything. Be it your personal belongings at home or the files on your office table– you like to keep everything clean and in perfect order. You are particularly careful about maintaining healthy habits and actively encourage others to do the same. 

By now, we are sure you have found out which one sounds the most like you!

No matter which personality type you are, to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, you have to incorporate certain hygienic habits in your day-to-day schedule. At Santic, our aim is to build a pure and clean community that thrives on healthy habits. So join us on our mission, and let's create a better tomorrow! 

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