Vaisakhi – It's Time for A New Beginning! 

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The holy festivities of Vaisakhi ushers in our lives happiness, prosperity and harmony. Vaisakhi is an auspicious occasion celebrated widely across North India, marking the beginning of a new year in the Hindu calendar. Steeped in mythological and historical significance, Vaisakhi is a harvesting festival, and people celebrate the day by offering prayers at temples and gurudwaras, and by exchanging gifts, new clothes, etc. among the community. 
From 2020 onwards, the mode of celebration might have changed, but the pandemic hasn't been able to curb the spirit behind this occasion. This is the time for us to show our gratitude for the farmers, the crops they harvest and become one with the community. 
If you are celebrating Vaisakhi in 2021, let us tell you how you can do it without compromising your safety. You don't need to step out of your home to have a fun-filled beginning of the Solar new year!

Give Your Home A Makeover 

Since you are staying at home, why not give it a beautiful makeover before the big day? We all have been spending the better parts of 2020 and 2021 at home. If your space doesn't look as neat and organized as you would like it to be, then you can indulge in some home care to celebrate the upcoming festival. Dedicate one or two days to cleaning and decking up your home, and you will be surprised at how much of a change it can bring into your mindset. When your surroundings are clean and well-arranged, you find mental clarity. 

Make Rangoli 

Now that you cleaned up your home, it's time to add a colourful touch to it. On the day of Vaisakhi, put all your patience to use, and make a grand Rangoli. The arduous process of making patterns, choosing colours, and filling the empty cells with hues feels all the more satisfying when you finally create your masterpiece. 

Spend Time with Family 

This is the time to reunite with your family once again and express gratitude for their presence in your life. Celebrate the day by spending quality time with your family, and have your heart filled with joy and love. If some family members are living away from home, connect with them over a video call, and have a virtual celebration. No matter how far a loved one is, distance can never be a barrier to express love and warmth. 

Share Gifts 

Vaisakhi is also the time for showing your appreciation to your family and friends. Bring a smile to their faces by gifting them new clothes, and celebrate the new year on a joyous note. If you have a loved one living away, online shopping always has your back!
Let's look forward to a new year filled with hope and new possibilities. This Vaisakhi, if you want to make your home a cleaner and safer space, Santic is here by your side. 
Happy Vaisakhi 2021 , everyone!

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