The Dirtiest Places in Your Home and How to Clean Them

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As the Omicron threat looms over all of our heads and more people begin staying indoors, it becomes crucial to understand how safe the spaces inside your home are. While you might think your home looks clean, you might be oblivious to the most apparent signs of dirt and bacteria in your home. You make look at buying the best disinfectant spray online too!

Just because things look clean in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Take care to take extra care of these aspects in your home to ensure that it’s safe and hygienic for you and your family.


The kitchen is an area in your home that probably sees some of the most frequent use. Your kitchen sees incoming food from outside and caters to all of your inside needs. Whether it’s for food or drinks, you end up going to your kitchen multiple times a day for various reasons.

The humidity, heat, and other elements present in your kitchen can encourage many different types of bacteria to grow in no time. Consider using a Kitchen Degreaser to ensure that your kitchen surfaces remain clean and residue-free. You should also consider using a Drain Cleaner to keep your drains clear of any harmful bacteria.


Just like your kitchen, your bathroom also sees frequent use. It is prone to remaining constantly wet and humid, which can cause bacteria to grow out. Contagious diseases can also be caused by the stagnant water present in this area.

Pay attention to your toilet, sinks, and light switches when you’re looking for the first places to target when cleaning your bathroom. To make your bathroom fixtures sparkle a little bit extra, use our Tap & Shower Cleaner that can ensure enduring shine for your various metal fixtures. 

Doorknobs and handles

How many times a day do you switch on a fan, light, or electrical appliance? If you stop to think about it, you might lose count of how many times you end up touching a switch throughout the day. 

It’s not just you who ends up using these switches, but other members of your household and people who end up visiting your home. Using a Disinfectant Spray regularly over surfaces that other people are prone to touch is a good idea, especially as the new COVID-19 variant is highly contagious.

Living Room

Wherever your family chooses to spend most of their time is where you’ll find the most hidden dirt and bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean you should just let it be. These areas are not only prone to having more bacteria and viruses than any other area but can have the highest risk for your family.

To keep these areas clean for all, you might want to consider using natural products that aren’t harmful to your kids or pets. Luckily, Santic has a natural range that can cater to all your needs. Our homecare products online will ensure that your cleanliness needs are thoroughly fulfilled, no matter what part of your home you’re cleaning!

Your Personal Possessions 

Your keys, phone, wallet, and other personal items are prone to having the highest share of dirt, bacteria, and viruses. Cleaning them regularly is crucial when you want to ensure you’re bringing no bacteria and viruses back home.

Consider keeping these items clean by using a sanitizer and a dry cloth or through a Disinfectant Spray.

Keep Your Health Safe By Keeping Your Home Clean

When taking care of these dirty areas in your home, there’s no chance for any illnesses to invade your home at all. You might want to consider cleaning the floors every other day to ensure that no excess dust and bacteria pile up as well.

Keep your home clean and safe, and not just from the surface, when you especially take care of these areas in your home. Shop homecare products online in India with Santic, so you don’t have to risk exposing yourself to unknown contaminants outside!

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