International Yoga Day- Personal Hygiene & Yoga

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Are you looking forward to creating a healthier space for yourself? It's never too late if you're planning to improve your surroundings for your personal wellbeing. Having a clean, healthy, and decluttered space provides ample mental clarity, and you will become more productive in your daily life. This International Yoga Day can be a great time to begin your journey towards enhancing the quality of your life. Improving your space doesn't necessarily have to stay limited to the physical domain. Cleaning your mental space is equally important. Sounds intriguing? Feel free to read on.

We have narrowed down some simple ways that you can incorporate in your everyday life for a healthier mind and body. By taking care of your personal hygiene, exercising regularly, focusing on your mental health, and including yoga in your daily routine, you will be able to achieve a greater balance in life. These are nothing but a few healthy habits and conscious lifestyle changes that can have a great impact on your overall well-being. Let's take a look. 



1.Personal Hygiene

We cannot stress enough how important personal hygiene is in maintaining a healthy life. Well, Health and Cleanliness are deeply connected. When you swear by cleanliness and hygiene, you are less likely to become prey to diseases. And this applies both for yourself and your surroundings. Having a well-sanitized and clean space allows you to thrive as a healthy and happy individual. 

2.Physical Exercise

If you want to stay fit and healthy, there is no alternative to physical exercise. In our busy lives, we spend most of our days sitting in front of digital screens, and we hardly move our bodies. But to stay in shape and be healthy, physical exercise can be immensely helpful. Any form of exercise, be it running, walking, swimming, workout, yoga, aerobics, or anything else, can help boost your immune system, and in keeping your body fit. 

3.Mental Wellness 

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. No matter how hectic life becomes, make time for the things that you love. Be present at the moment, show some love to yourself, and your surroundings. Invest some time in meditation, reading, painting, dancing, singing, cleaning, or any other activity that you enjoy. Get rid of all the clutter– from your mind, and also from your home. 

How Can Yoga Help You Unite Your Mental And Physical Wellness? 

Yoga is a timeless discipline created by ancient Indian sages centuries ago. An important element of yoga is the asanas or the exercises that have numerous health benefits. Breathing exercises are an essential part of yoga, that help you relax, and release all the negative energy through your breath. It impacts your physical health for sure, and also your mental state. The asanas are designed in a specific way to promote the holistic growth of an individual. With a keen focus on mindfulness, yoga helps you in becoming one with your senses.


You will often notice that right after a yoga session, you feel extremely calm, serene, and content. In our modern lives, we all are extremely busy, but we hardly ever have time to take care of our minds and body. And yoga helps you in achieving that unity between mental and physical wellness. Yoga helps to detox both your body and soul and teaches you to embrace healthy practices. Thanks to the newly acquired sense and sensibility regarding your personal health, you will be able to cultivate a new perspective towards life.


We at Santic aim to provide an improved quality of life by focusing on a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for this generation. Because we know that personal hygiene is not a luxury, rather it's a necessity. So plunge into this opportunity, and make this  International Yoga Day the stepping stone of your journey towards a better life.


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