How to Keep Brass & Copper Clean at Home

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As in all Indian homes, you must have various brass, copper, and metal knick-knacks that have been collected over the years. However, due to age and external factors like sun, moisture, and dust, your brass and copper can become old in no time.

Finding ways that can clean your brass and copper clean without damaging them long-term is key when you own quite a few items made from these materials. While many people clean their brass and copper, they don’t do it properly, which leads to scratches, damage, and even tarnish on these items. 

When Do Your Metals Need Cleaning?

If you’ve owned any type of metal item, you should know how confusing it can be to determine whether it needs to be deep cleaned or not. When you’re looking for signs that indicate that your brass and copper need to be cleaned, here are some to watch out for:

  • Your brass, bronze, and copper have a significant amount of dirt sticking to them
  • Your metal items feel sticky when you touch them
  • There are signs of mold or rust on your metals
  • There are dark spots on your metal items
  • Your metal items don’t shine like they used to 

These signs can be simple indicators that your metals need an extensive deep clean to look revitalized again. If you wait too long, the amount of damage that your brass and copper are exposed to can be irreversible. 

What You Should Be Cleaning

Many people simply have to clean everything and anything. However, some items shouldn’t be cleaned normally and may require experts. A good indicator to tell whether something can be cleaned at home is if it doesn’t come with specific cleaning instructions.

Fragile items like porcelain, blue china, and other decorative items may require an expert’s service so they can be fully cleaned. However, you can find solutions like the Santic Brass & Copper Metal Cleaner that come with a mild formulation ideal for cleaning most types of brass and copper. Items that you don’t need to double-check for cleaning include:

  • Decorative items (Brass, copper statues, or figurines)
  • Pooja thalis
  • Brass or copper idols
  • Home fixtures
  • Utensils
  • Furniture
  • Non-polished items

You should keep in mind that polished items generally have a protective coating that enables them to be cleaned fairly easily with a microfibre cloth. It is recommended that you never try to use any kind of product for polished items. 

What to Do

Once you have decided which brass and copper items need to be cleaned, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Find a cleaner that has a mild formulation but is effective, like the Santic Brass & Copper Metal Cleaner, which can go a long way in protecting your metals from any sort of damage. 

Once you have the product, simply use the directions to apply the product as desired. While you will only need to use it once to start seeing results, depending on how long your brass and copper have gone without cleaning, you might want to repeat the process several times. 

How to Maintain the Shine

When you’re looking to maintain the shine on your brass and copper for as long as possible, you have to keep them stored in a protected space. If you have decorative items made from brass, copper, or bronze, it is ideal to keep them inside glass cases where they won’t be collecting dust.

You should also regularly dust these items so the dust doesn’t become settled on your objects permanently. When storing brass and copper, keep it in the dark place free from any moisture to prevent mold or rust. Ideally, you should also check in on these items from time to time to ensure that nothing is wrong. If you regularly use brass and copper items, it’s crucial to clean them as soon as you are done using them. 

Keep Your Home Properly Maintained

Maintaining your home is no joke, and we completely understand! Who wants to be spending hours on end cleaning everything in their home? That’s why Santic always focuses on bringing products that can simplify your home cleaning process for you.

Our latest product, the Brass & Copper Metal Cleaner, also lets you clean your metals without any hassle. You can get the lost shine and remove tarnish from your home in one go when you’re using this effective product!

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