How to Get Cleaner Laundry- UNLOCKED!

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Life can be quite difficult when you don’t have your laundry routine sorted. Cleaning your home and making sure your laundry is clean every week (or however often you do it) can be a lot of hard work. 

We always promote having a Pure Space at Santic, and when you need to get your laundry to be spotless and smelling fresh all the time, you need to work smart, not hard. With a time-consuming process like this one, there’s a lot that can go wrong. But, that doesn’t mean you should stress about it or make mistakes because you’re impatient. Keep reading for our tried and tested tips on getting clean laundry!

Keep it Natural Always!

While you may feel like nothing gets clothes cleaner than harsh chemicals, you might actually be damaging your clothes beyond repair. While chemicals can make your clothes seem cleaner, they also weaken the fibres of the cloth, especially for naturally-derived cloth materials like cotton and silk.

If you’re in the market for a natural detergent, we definitely recommend you to try out the Santic Natural Laundry Detergent. It’s natural formulation combined with Sweet Orange Essential Oil make it not just a treat for your clothes, but your hands too!

Dirty Washing Machines Make for Dirty Laundry

Your washing machine handles a lot. It takes in your dirty laundry each washing cycle to clean them and get rid of all stains. But have you ever thought about cleaning your washing machine? As crazy as it sounds, cleaning your washing machine once in a while is actually going to help your laundry be cleaner and smell fresher too!

Washing machines can be a host to tons of bacteria and grime that’s left over from your clothes. Combined with the constant moisture, it is an ideal ground for bacteria and mold to grow on. The Santic Washing Machine Cleaner helps your washing machine become cleaner and smell better too!

It removes bacteria, germs, and grime from the inside of your washing machine within one cycle, and all you really have to do is put in the liquid! Bet you never thought that cleaning would be this easy ;)

Sort Out Your Coloreds from Whites!

The basic rookie mistake when people begin to do their laundry is not separating their whites from coloreds. Whether you’re not separating your clothes by color because you’re too tired or just plain old lazy, it’s really going to end up making your clothes a mess in the end.

Your colored clothes, when mixed with solid shades like white, can end up leaching out and staining your perfectly nice white clothes. Once they’ve been stained, it can be quite a task trying to regain your white clothes to their original state once again.

Rather than mourning the loss of your white clothes, it’s better to take preventive measures by separating your clothes by color! You can start by having two different baskets for laundry, and using one for colored clothes and the other for white clothes. 

Your Laundry Doesn’t Need Hot Water Like You Do

While a lot of people think that hot water is needed to have clean and soft clothes, that isn’t necessarily true. Clothes need to be treated gently, especially when you’re dealing with materials like silk, rayon, and cotton. Exposing them to hot water may have you thinking that all the germs and impurities will go right out, but it can really damage your clothes in the long run. 

Most washing machines wash your clothes with cold water, and even if you’re handwashing your clothes, it’s best to do so using cold water. Modern detergents (like our Santic Natural Laundry Liquid) have stronger formulations that ensure that all germs, bacteria, and stains are removed from your clothes without exposing them to scalding hot water. 

For God’s Sake! Keep Your Delicates Aside

If you’ve been wondering why your undergarments come out distorted from the wash, there’s a pretty simple explanation. Are you just putting it in with the rest of your clothes? If your answer is yes, you shouldn’t be surprised when they end up damaged within a few washes.

Use a separate clothes bag or specially-made delicate washing bags when you’re planning on throwing them in with the rest of your laundry. You could also opt to have a separate washing cycle set on Extra Gentle when you’re putting your delicates in!

Washing your clothes can seem like a long and never-ending chore, but it really doesn’t have to be when you’re fully prepared and aware of how to go about it the right way. Get your pure space and clean clothes with no hassle when you have Santic by your side!

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