Eating Clean Just Got A New Meaning!

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Last Sunday, I returned from the market with my weekly supply of vegetables, fruits, and groceries. Post-COVID, it has become a habit to sanitize all the store-bought packaged items. I also try my best to wash most of the raw vegetables and fruits before storing them in my fridge. But I felt really scared. At these trying times, I didn't want to compromise on my health at any cost. So how do I make sure my raw food is safe for consumption.


But that day, a sudden thought made me panic a little. If I was washing all of my supplies with sanitizers and disinfectants, what about the raw items? All I do is wash them with running tap water. That's it! But is it even enough to get rid of the numerous pollutants, pesticides, dirt, and germs? I don't think so.


I called up my mom. And as it turned out, like always, she had an answer to my problem. She told me about something that she found online. And what she suggested is a pretty innovative solution that I decided to order immediately. She told me about a product called HEALTHIE VEGGIE WASH from a brand Santic.


And guess what, I will never regret my Sunday evening panic again, as it helped me find the best vegetable and fruit wash ever.


Yes, you read that right! I am talking about a spray liquid that you can use to rinse fruits and veggies– and don't worry,it is not detergent. It's Healthie Veggie Wash!


What Is It?

The name of the product is Healthie Veggie Wash, by a brand called Santic. It comes in a small spray bottle and is quite convenient to use. As per the instructions, all you have to do is spray it over the fruits and vegetables, and rub them well. Then you can wash them with water and pat dry. That's it!  

It all sounded very interesting to me. I followed the instructions and washed my vegetables accordingly with Healthie Veggie Wash. And I must say, I may not be able to notice bacterias and pesticides, but it did an amazing job at removing all the dirt and mud from the veggies. To my utter happiness, they looked so clean!


How Does It Work?


So basically, Healthie Veggie Wash helps in removing the layers of wax, pesticides, chemicals and other harmful elements from the surface of your fruits and vegetables. It does the job of a cleaning agent, but it doesn't contain any soap, chlorine or artificial smell. It is loaded with natural ingredients like neem, tulsi, citrus, etc. and is completely safe to use on edibles.


What I personally liked about the product is that it cleans all the soil, dirt, and chemical residue. The added shine to your fruits don't really come naturally– they come from chemicals. And Healthie Veggie Wash effectively removed all of that.



Is It Worth The Hype?


I would say, definitely yes for Healthie Veggie Wash! Although initially, I was a little skeptical about trying it out, since I had to spray the liquid directly onto my vegetables, after reading that it has been lab-tested and registered with AYUSH, I felt a lot more confident. And after using the product, I certainly felt a difference in the way my fruits and veggies looked. With all the dirt gone, they looked more natural and fresh.


So if you are a clean freak like me, and you don't want to mess with your and your family's health, this can be a great solution.


Where Will You Get It?

If it’s still in stock, here is how to get your device:

1) Order Healthie Veggie Wash from THIS Official Website.

2) Enjoy what a difference Healthie Veggie Wash makes for your Health!!

It’s That Simple!





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