Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making Around Your Home

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When it comes to cleaning, we’ve all been known to make a mistake here or there (shhh..nobody remembers about that time we used hand soap to clean the dishes!). But there might be some mistakes we all make without even knowing it’s wrong. Are you doing some of these mistakes and making messes on the regular when at home? Don’t worry because you’re not the only one!

Doing Everything with That ‘One’ Rag

Yes, we’re totally guilty of this too. Most households use old clothes as rags (and if that’s not the case with you, then colour us shocked), and you may get too carried away with dusting everything with that one rag.

When you use a cleaning solution to clean multiple surfaces with one rag, you’re actually taking the dirt, grime, and bacteria off one surface and onto the next. It could cross-contaminate many places in your home without you even realising.

Not Cleaning Your Remotes? GUILTY

We bet you didn’t know, but remotes are pretty much one of the dirtiest components of your home. While it may be cleaner than your toilet, the margin probably isn’t as much as you think it is. With constant handling throughout the day, your remote control is a host for bacteria and germs alike.


Using disinfectant sprays like the Santic Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray and regularly wiping your remotes (we’d recommend at least once a day) is CRUCIAL to get rid of those grimy bacteria lounging on your remote. 

Using Dish Soap for...Pretty Much Everything

Even though it’s convenient and cost-effective, using your dish soap/liquid for cleaning your windows or mirrors can’t be right. Using dish soap/liquid for multiple areas in your home can leave areas with dish soap residue and streaks.

Trust us, it’s better not to be mindlessly using your dish soap for mass cleaning your home. It may end up being dirtier than when you started cleaning!

How Much Laundry Detergent is actually TOO MUCH?

While it’s definitely true that eyeballing your washing machine cleaner  & laundry detergent is the easy and convenient way to get your laundry done, using too much could actually be a problem for your clothes. It can end up making the fibres in your clothes weaker and more prone to tearing. Plus, who wants to be buying laundry detergent too often? Definitely not us!

Not Cleaning Your Washing Machine! Is it even a thing? 

We know you’re thinking, what? Is cleaning your washing machine even a thing? But the dirt, skin cells, and stains from your clothes may be lurking in your washing machine without you even knowing. It can cause bad odours, fungal growth, and much more coming from your machine.


Without cleaning it, your clothes might be exposed to your washing machine’s ‘dirty’ habits too. Using a proper washing machine cleaner is essential to maintaining cleanliness for your clothes and home too. The Santic Washing Machine Cleaner  lets your washing machine be cleaned in one go with no hassle and minimal effort!

Putting Back Your Toilet Cleaner Brush Wet! Oh No!

Many people are totally guilty of this one. Who’s got the time to wait for their toilet brush to dry before putting it back in the holder? But your toilet cleaner brush is a host to bacteria and fungal elements and putting it back when it’s wet only allows for faster breeding in the holder. 

Putting your toilet brush across your toilet so the brush drips excess water right in your toilet while it dries is an easy and effective way to prevent bacterial growth without constantly monitoring your brush. 

Whether you’ve made these mistakes or not, nobody has to know when you go about fixing those nasty habits right away! Make small changes to your cleaning rituals around your home for bigger impacts each time :)

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