A Full-Proof, 4-Step Guide To Protect Your Home Against Viruses

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After forty days of boredom and social media challenges, the majority of Indian population will now step out of their homes.

Escaping the isolation-bred monotony, you finally step out of your home to breathe the air of freedom.

You meet your old friends and catch up for hours. Then you visit the market, maybe take a stroll in the park to enjoy nature, and then finally return home to your family.

Now here is something scary.

Who is to say that the virus was not hidden in the market or the park or that one of your friends was not carrying it and communicated it to you? 

Through you the virus might have entered your home and can now affect someone in your family. 

So what could you have done to avoid this?

Obviously you can not continue to sit at home all your life. 

The lock down is relaxing, it is time to get on with our lives.

So what can be done to protect our homes and loved ones against the virus?

Here is a four-step guide to help you with that:

STEP1: Identify the possible sources of virus entering your home and avoid them

Analyse your daily routine like Sherlock Holmes. 

Ask yourself, what could be the possible ways for the virus to enter your home? 

Is someone coming in from outside? 

Did they take off their shoes before entering?

Did you just bring home any change from a market vendor? 

Once you know the possible sources, it will be easy to avoid them. 

Take off your shoes at the main entrance and make sure they are cleaned regularly. You can use these shoe wipes to get rid of the germs

The money you got from the market? Make a separate wallet for the change you get, keep it separate from the rest of your belongings. Make sure you sanitize or wash your hands every time you use it.

Thoroughly wash and disinfect anything new you have bought during or even after the lockdown.

How to properly disinfect something? That brings us to Step 2.

STEP2: Recognise the high touch areas inside your home and disinfect them

Your home is probably full of things that everyone touches multiple times during a regular day.

These are called high-touch areas.

Some common high touch areas in a house can be doorknobs, faucets, armrests, phones, switches, remotes, etc.

While you can avoid going out, you can’t avoid touching everything in your home. I mean, not touch your phone? LOL

So the next best alternative is to regularly disinfect these high touch areas and items. 

Please note that just wiping them with a wet cloth or something like dettol won’t be enough. It is good for removing contaminants but not enough to kill pathogens like the virus. 

You need to use a disinfectant liquid. Once a while for a deep clean. 

Tip: Make your life easier. A quick spray with Santic Disinfectant Spray can ensure that you are not only removing contaminants but also killing the pathogens.

To minimise any risk, make sure you regularly disinfect these areas using the disinfectant liquid. 

STEP 3: Keeping the new habits

Now that you have ensured that the virus has negligible chance of entering your home and infecting anyone, there is still a chance that something goes amiss.

This is why it is important to maintain the good habits you developed during the lockdown. 

Thoroughly wash your food items.

If you have very young kids then consider boiling the most used toys or just zap them in the microwave for a minute. 

Continue to practice social distancing. 

And if someone you know falls ill and shows the symptoms, don’t hesitate from asking them to go for a checkup.

STEP4: Last but the most important

For God’s sake, wash your hands!

Wash them after you clean that doorknob and again when you touch it in the evening.

This point has been stressed more than enough and we hope you don’t neglect it.

If you are still not convinced, here is a video of Dwayne Johnson singing and teaching his daughter how to wash hands.

So there you go. Now you are ready to keep your home and loved ones protected from the virus. 

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