7 Habits You Should Definitely Ditch Right Now!

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Planning to develop some good habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Let's begin with the elimination method. Before acquiring new habits, it's time to say goodbye to a few bad habits that you may have been practicing unknowingly. 

Here are 7 Habits you should ditch right now! 


1.Fitness Ninja

Exercising has amazing benefits for your mind and body. A good sweat session cleanses out toxins out of your system, and keeps you healthy and fit, and puts you into a better mood instantly. But overworking is a big no-no. Stay active, but also allow your body to take frequent breaks. Overexercising can lead to a number of health hazards, and your body will start burning muscles instead of fat. 

Summary: Sweat it out, but in moderation. 


2.Poking Ears 

Do you feel ear wax makes your ears dirty? Not at all! In fact, it protects your ears from dirt and foreign substances. Poking your ear with earbuds is not a healthy habit. Unless you're having hearing trouble because of ear wax, there's no need to go Marie Kondo on your ears! 

Summary: Leave your ear wax alone, it's not harmful! 

3.Dirty Dishes 

Doing the dishes is not the most glamorous task out there. To avoid dealing with the mess, do you often leave the dishes soaked in water for long hours? Stop this practice right away. Soaking dirty dishes in water leads to the growth of bacteria, and you definitely don't want them to attack your utensils. 

Summary: Wash the dishes immediately after cooking/ eating. 

4. Dear Doorknob 

During a house cleaning session, you wage a war on every other household item, but you forget about the doorknob. If you're guilty of this mistake, it's time to get serious. You will be surprised to see the amount of dirt your door handle attracts. Oily hands and bacteria make it a thriving ground for dirt. Spray it with a high-quality disinfectant spray, and wipe with a clean cloth. 

Summary: Clean your doorknobs well without fail. 

5.Bathroom Woes 

To remove dirt and hard water stains from your bathroom, if you're taking resort to harsh chemicals, it's time to reconsider your choices. Often, bathroom cleaners contain harmful and corrosive chemicals that are dangerous to your skin, and breathing those toxic substances can be detrimental to your health. To be on the safe side, switch to a mild yet effective cleaning agent

Summary: Ditch the chemicals, and switch to mild and natural cleaning substances. 

6. Toothy Tale

Of course, brushing is necessary to keep your teeth healthy. But if you brush right after you've had a meal, you are setting yourself up for a huge trouble, especially if you ate something acidic. This is a habit you must abandon to protect your tooth enamel. 

Summary: Don't brush your teeth immediately after eating.

7. Train Your Drain

Be it your kitchen or bathroom, your drains need occasional cleaning. If you don't clean them unless they get clogged, it's time to change this habit. Before bacterias start partying on your basin and sink drain, pour down a drain cleaner to give them a good shower. 

Summary: Clean your drain every now and then to avoid blockage and dirt accumulation. 

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